What is Wyldwood Sojourn?

 … a Sanctuary holding space for different streams of Womb Wisdom and all things connected to the Inner Feminine Creation Energies.

  What is Maureen’s mission for Wyldwood?

….Maureen holds information of 2 ancient practices of the Womb from pre Hindu India and from pre-contact Inca in S.A.

 Until we have cleansed the womb and healed it from historical and person abuse, we cannot access these practices.

These traditions were practiced by trained priestesses/shaman  globally until only 1000 years ago in some places.

Maureen hosts healers from different womb wisdom traditions, to aid us in cleansing .

Not until we have healed some, can we really receive the Womb Wisdom of the Inca Luminous structure and of the Indian Holy Womb Chakra.

These teachings show us how to direct and cultivate our womb energies so that we create and self conceive on a extremely deep level.

A level that has not been known of since pre patriarchal times.  

When we realize this and how close we are to reclaiming this ability, we will see we are a step away!

 Balance will be restored and the patriarchy will just dissolve .




 Wyldwood is filled with the artist’s murals, sculptures, paintings & inspirational work. A peaceful environment to support your awakening.

All contents are hand crafted & of wood, glass, clay,wool or cotton.(no off gassing synthetic materials)The studio/home is a passive solar dwelling, located on two wooded acres with a seasonal waterfall. W.S. offers for use to its guests 2 studios, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 authentic Mongolian yurts. Sleeping is communal and tenting in summer is an option. A solar run art studio, tankless hot water system & a solo steam sauna. There is one sweet feline, Aputi.



Wyldwood Sojourn is situated on the Sacred Lands of the Huron Virgin Birth Mothers, of the Iroquois Peacemakers, who brought us their mission of Peace,1000 years ago.

It is called the Great Law of Peace.


It is no coincidence that Maureen was attracted to this land on which to build a sanctuary, to honour and help restore the lost Feminine Creation Traditions and the Earth Wisdoms.


With each retreat we open with a dedication to Kahetosuk and her mother Kaheliokaha.





Wyldwood is honoured to hold the image of the ‘8th Holy Womb Chakra’ as re discovered by Swami Kaleshwar of Soul University, 20 years ago.

 Depicted here is an ancient drawing etched on palm leaves. Count the chakras! There are 8!!


Please view both these images as sacred.

 The Yantra below is of the actual sound vibration of the womb, complete with mantras.  It is the lost chakra of the most powerful Womb.

Once cleared and pulsing in awareness once more, it will reawaken our divine creative powers and bring us to superconsciousness.


Below is the INCA Luminous Structure joining heart and womb and much more.

Both these Yantras, as all yantras, are 2 dimensional diagrams depicting the full living 3 dimensional sacred geometry within us all.


Earth Womb Lodge and Cosmic Womb Lodge


Hidden in the woods stand two authentic Mongolian felt Yurts.

The tiny Earth Womb Lodge Sanctuary has a comfortable cozy interior in shades of crimson, with carpets, blankets and pillows. It has a wood stove to keep off the chill but never to be hot.  This is not a sweat Lodge for release work, rather it is a safe comfortable, purified space, to call down the moon and gather and attach to Divine Cosmic Mother energy.


The larger Cosmic Lodge is circle work and sleeping accommodation space.

It is large and spacious and suitable for dancing and ceremony.

Its circular shape and the soft construction lends perfectly to support our womb work.




It is very hidden in the trees by the limestone ridge and we call it our Cosmic Womb Lodge.





Elegant Catered Vegan Meals

W.S. offers vegan and vegetarian meals prepared off the premises by Chef Chris of P.E.C.



 milkweed flower salad.




WS is an official member of the global Red Tent movement.(our Womb lodge Sanctuary)   founded by Alisa Starkwater in 2008.


It is a rekindling of the ancient global spiritual traditions of womankind.

The circles & celebrations & teachings offered at Wyldwood Sojourn are intended to open us to restore the balance of the Feminine & Masculine Principals within…for both men & women. Re kindling the sacred marriage within! There is so much to re-member …so much work to do!


Re connecting with Nature & Her cycles is one way that is honoured here at WS.

  “The great creative power, must return in full force & beauty to the earth & especially to the womb of women. Women must re -own & harmonize with this divine energy. Men also have a place. They must learn to open their hearts. It is our future! ”  by; Cindy Lindsay





Rental Plan

Weekend retreat-$250, Fri. 7:00 pm  to  Sun.5:00 pm, vegetarian cuisine $18 per plate x 3 , max 11 guests.(14 in summer)

24 hr. retreats- $150 , vegetarian cuisine $18 per plate x 2, max 8 students(11 in summer)

Day retreat- $100 , vegetarian cuisine $18 per plate x 1,  max 16 guests

Evening retreat- $40,vegetarian cuisine $18 per x 1, max 16 guests







Maureen Walton-O’Brien – founder & owner of Wyldwood Sojourn retreats, visual artist, storyteller and teacher.





Cindy Lindsay, Spiritual Teacher of the Holy Womb Tradition.

Soul healer and clairvoyant. She taught at W.S. in the summer of 2010.


Cindy is a graduate of Soul University in Penukonda, India. She is a certified teacher & healer in the practices of the Holy Womb Chakra traditions, from pre-Hindu teachings, as well as from Hindu teachings. It holds deep reverence for the Divine Mother and for the Creation Energies of the Feminine. Her teacher was Swami Kaleshwar (founder) She studied with him for 12 years. Prior to this Cindy trained for 10 years with the Qero Indians of Peru. This Inca tradition was also of the Power of the Womb & of the Blood Masteries. It is a Shamanic practice that survived the Spanish invasion of the 1500’s, by being kept hidden until recently (this is truly one of the Sacred teachings of the old world). At our invitation, Cindy travelled to Wyldwood in 2010, to teach the Inca Womb Traditions to a small group of 10 women. We are honoured to hold this wisdom. Cindy now practices only the Indian teachings. She continues to be one of my teachers.