What is Wyldwood Sojourn?  … a Sanctuary holding space for different streams of Womb Wisdom work and all things connected to the Inner Feminine Creation Energies. Maureen Walton offers this space to teachers(men & women) of all disciplines within this area of expertise .The teacher may bring up to 15 students   We celebrate Natures Cycles. Here is a place to give back to the earth, to listen to her messages and to honor the beauty of the Darkness. Wyldwood is filled with the artist’s murals . Sculptures & paintings & inspirational work is all around to inspire  and create a peaceful environment to support your awakening. All contents are hand crafted & of wood,glass, clay,wool or cotton.(no off gassing synthetic materials)The studio/home is a passive solar dwelling,located on two wooded acres with a seasonal waterfall. W.S. offers for use to its guests 2 studios, a large kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. Sleeping is communal and tenting in summer is an option. W.S. is proud of its new Cosmic Yurt communal accommodation as well as its solar run art studio and tankless hot water system. A solo steam sauna is also a new addition. There is one sweet feline, Aputi.



Wyldwood Sojourn is situated on the Sacred Lands of the Huron Virgin Birth Mothers, of the Iroquois Peacemakers, who brought us their mission of Peace,1000 years ago.

It is called the Great Law of Peace.


It is no coincidence that Maureen was attracted to this land on which to build a sanctuary, to honour and help restore the lost Feminine Creation Traditions and the Earth Wisdoms.


With each retreat we open with a dedication to Kahetosuk and her mother Kaheliokaha.




Wyldwood is honoured to hold the image of the ‘8th Holy Womb Chakra’ as re discovered by Swami Kaleshwar of Soul University, 20 years ago.

 Depicted here is an ancient drawing etched on palm leaves. Count the chakras! There are 8!!


Please view both these images as sacred.  The Yantra below of the  actual sound vibration of the womb, complete with mantras, is the lost chakra of the most powerful Womb. Once cleared and in our awareness once more, will reawaken our divine creative powers and bring us to superconsciousness.




Earth Womb Lodge and Cosmic Womb Lodge

Hidden in the woods stand two authentic Mongolian felt Yurts. One is a tiny Earth Womb Lodge Sanctuary and has a comfortable cozy interior in shades of crimson, with carpets, blankets and pillows, Our Dark Moon Lodge has a wood stove to keep off the chill but never to be hot.  This is not a sweat Lodge for release work, rather it is a safe comfortable, purified space, to call down the moon and gather and attach to Divine Cosmic Mother energy.



The second Yurt is intended for use as workshop s and accommodation. It is large and spacious and suitable for dancing and ceremony. It is very hidden in the trees by the limestone ridge and we call it our Cosmic Womb Lodge.


Elegant Catered Vegan Meals

W.S. offers vegan and vegetarian meals prepared off the premises. We offer teachings for small intimate groups of 10 to 15 guests. Please return to menu & click on “contact” to ask questions or join an event.




Edgar’s own milkweed flower salad.




WS is an official member of the global Red Tent movement.(our Womb lodge Sanctuary)   founded by Alisa Starkwater in 2008.


It is a rekindling of the ancient global spiritual traditions of womankind.

The circles & celebrations & teachings offered at Wyldwood Sojourn are intended to open us to restore the balance of the Feminine & Masculine Principals within…for both men & women. Re kindling the sacred marriage within! There is so much to re-member …so much work to do!


Re connecting with Nature & Her cycles is one way that is honoured here at WS.

  “The great creative power, must return in full force & beauty to the earth & especially to the womb of women. Women must re -own & harmonize with this divine energy. Men also have a place. They must learn to open their hearts. It is our future! ”  by; Cindy Lindsay





Rental Plan

Weekend retreat-$300, Fri. 7:00 pm  to  Sun.5:00 pm, vegetarian cuisine $15 per plate x 3 , max 14 guests.(17 in summer)

24 hr. retreats- $200 , vegetarian cuisine $15 per plate x 2, max 8 students(14 in summer)

Day retreat- $100 , vegetarian cuisine $15 per plate x 1,  max 16 guests

Evening retreat-$40,vegetarian cuisine $15 per x 1, max 16 guests









Regular teachers that hold teachings directly related to reclaiming the Womb Mysteries.


 Other regular teachers are Kundalini with Ela Bielski and Plant Spirit Medicine with Danielle Kreps.

Maureen Walton – founder & owner of Wyldwood Sojourn retreats, visual artist, storyteller and teacher.


Maureen offers her studio home and woods, as a safe, quiet sanctuary for you to receive the valuable teachings of many global Divine Feminine traditions, recently surfacing after being hidden for 1000’s of years. Maureen is an visual artist, storyteller and teacher of the Womb Wisdoms, inspired by the Inca. She collaborates with the teachers she invites.  Maureen creates full and diverse learning opportunity through experiential activities. Holding ceremony at the Birthplace of the Huron Peacemakers, is one. Drumming in sacred caves and in the Gosippi river, close by is another. Maureen has supported herself as a mural artist for 15 years and also has a background in animation and illustration and in the fine arts.  She traveled extensively in earlier years, and gave birth to her daughter while living in the Netsilingmiut community of Kugarruk in Nunavut.



Margeurite Rigoglioso PHD, teacher, author, Seven Sisters Mystery School. San Fransisco. USA



We are honoured to have Marguerite  travel each year to W.S. from San Fransisco, to share her new discoveries and insights, in the world of  Feminine Spirituality. Marguerite dedicates herself to encouraging women to learn for themselves the wisdom of the Priestess Path and claim their own gifts of the power of the Womb. She travels world wide to teach and offers intensive courses in her home town. Marguerite has written 3 books on Divine Birth, in the Greek tradition and is continually pushing boundaries and reading against the grain in ‘his story’ to reclaim hidden truths of the Divine Feminine Principal, that have been distorted and dismissed.



Karen Holmes B – spiritual guide and councellor.


 face pictureKaren returns to W.S. after leading a series of 8 retreats in 2011 to honour, with ceremony, the yearly sacred turning points of the earth. We are excited to have her back, to offer new wisdom from her studies and traveling experiences in Ireland, and New Zealand, that opened her to the Druid Priestess traditions, as well as the mysteries of Hybernia and a more Feminine understanding of early Christian mysteries. She also has a diverse background in R. Stiener’s philosophies. Karen is founder of Anam Cara Spiritual Centre near Kingston.On. In her retreats here she engages us in writing, altar making and other hands on work to deepen our connection to the more intellectual teachings she offers. She also collaborates with Maureen. She has 3 published books of poetry and is currently composing a fourth.



 Roula Said- Dancer, musician and vocalist.


roulaExplore the wisdom of the feminine through the ancient lens of bellydance as interpreted and re-imagined by modern day master instructor, Roula Said. Roula Said is a dancer, musician and vocalist. She has devoted the last 20 years to studying, teaching, choreographing and performing Middle eastern dance and music. Her journey has taken her into realms of artistic exploration and personal healing that transcend any one culture. Roula has a true gift for distilling the essence of bellydance.Roula has taught at W.S. for 3 years and her dance is key to open and shift our bodies to accept and remember our Wombs as divine!



Edgar Wyldwood’s Caterer


Edgar is central to the success of Wyldwood Sojourn in his passion for designing theme foods that are nutritious, tasty and truly sensuous. His feasts are always well received and always draw ooohs & ahhhs for both the flavors & the beautiful visual presentations. At Wyldwood to dine together is another important aspect of sacred activity…whether Middle Eastern, Peruvian, Caribbean or European influenced, they are all vegetarian meals, full of protein & freshness. Edgar draws from his own garden or from the local farmers markets to shop and creates everything from “scratch” in his own kitchen.


Cindy Lindsay, Spiritual Teacher of the Holy Womb Tradition.

Soul healer and clairvoyant. She taught at W.S. in the summer of 2010.


Cindy is a graduate of Soul University in Penukonda, India. She is a certified teacher & healer in the practices of the Holy Womb Chakra traditions, from pre-Hindu teachings, as well as from Hindu teachings. It holds deep reverence for the Divine Mother and for the Creation Energies of the Feminine. Her teacher was Swami Kaleshwar (founder) She studied with him for 12 years. Prior to this Cindy trained for 10 years with the Qero Indians of Peru. This Inca tradition was also of the Power of the Womb & of the Blood Masteries. It is a Shamanic practice that survived the Spanish invasion of the 1500’s, by being kept hidden until recently (this is truly one of the Sacred teachings of the old world). At our invitation, Cindy travelled to Wyldwood in 2010, to teach the Inca Womb Traditions to a small group of 10 women. We are honoured to hold this wisdom. Cindy now practices only the Indian teachings. She continues to be one of my teachers.